Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Term

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Suspended Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles – Comfort, quality of life and economy in one product. Saving environmental cooling through the great power of thermal insulation and reducing noise and external noise with acoustic insulation and also retards the action of the flames, the Thermo-acoustic tiles are available in models with polyurethane or polystyrene, may be in sandwich format or tile lining.

To provide better acoustical ceiling tiles results, especially to reduce the noise caused by rain on roofs recommend increasing the thickness of the outer sheet metal tiles. The higher thickness has a significant impact on the improvement of sound insulation characteristics of the material to increase its mass.

Advantages: Reduction in fatigue accident rate, Avoids unnecessary costs with cooling, increased productivity and energy savings, Reduction in external noise emission control in production processes, Employee satisfaction in the production process thanks to the pleasant conditions in the workplace.

The acoustical ceiling tiles injected with polyurethane are used when the application requires an excellent thermo-acoustic performance. Polyurethane has the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity (K) among the possibilities and offers greater resistance changes in internal and external heat, allowing significant reduction in the use of cooling equipment. Its features be retarding the action of flames and do not absorb water.

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