Affordable Installing Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Reviews

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Rustic Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Reviews

Vinyl wood plank flooring reviews – Vinyl planks are very similar as wooden floor but are less expensive. In basements and other areas where moisture is a problem, have advantage of being waterproof. Vinyl plank flooring is easy to install. You can use self-adhesive type or regular vinyl planks. Self-adhesive plates are thinner and slightly less durable. To begin, measure room and calculate square feet, including closets and entryways. Add 10 percent to allow adjustment to find how much you need to buy.

Other supplies you need are primer or sealer floor, wood putty and patching compound. For vinyl wood plank flooring reviews installing tools, you must rent a vinyl tile cutter. You can use a knife and a square for small rooms. A chalk line to guide tables is useful, along with a floor scraper and citrus-based solvent adhesive strip if you need old vinyl. If you decide to use regular board instead of self-adhesive vinyl floor, you need to glue vinyl flooring, a notched trowel and roller floor.

House wall is on main line of sight of room. More often, it is wall opposite main entrance. Check chalk line along length of wall to make sure it is completely straight. If not, you must use chalk line to guide boards. If wall is not straight, leave a space for installing partial boards cut to fit. Idea is that boards should be aligned in a straight line to produce best looking online. Start in a corner and remove paper backing and place table on floor. Press firmly to make glue stick to ground. Place a single line of planks end to end vinyl using chalk line as a guide. To start second row, cut a board in half. Alternating whole and half boards to begin each line, you can stagger and create a more authentic look. Finish installing vinyl wood plank flooring reviews by measuring each space at end of room and along sides and cut pieces to fit.

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