Amusing Backyard Landscape Design

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Popular Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Backyard landscape design – If you redesign was taken into account to realize the full long patio, placing plants along the entire perimeter and leaving the interior space for roads and furniture. The result is a functional and exquisite design. The floor includes round pieces in the middle of the road surrounded by stone and bordered by rectangular slabs and brick sidewalks.

The trick is to do everything yourself, with own work, without having to hire professionals who only would raise the bill. It is true that for certain yourself tasks may need expert hands, but that is, to look for simple solutions that can solve yourselves. In this transformation , the key was the recycling and recovery of furniture and objects hitherto unused , the very construction of original fixtures and furniture and buying bargains and bargains to complete an outside stylish atmosphere where good taste is important to when decorating backyard landscape design to achieve excellent results like these.

Basically for backyard landscape design, the transformation went through the construction of a square slab just outside the house, in space without grass. This cement slab would become the floor of the assembly area of the yard. Around him, the pure Zen style, a trench about 5 cm not very deep, to fill with white stones for decoration. The rest of the yard, and covered with grass, only had to be treated to recover the beauty of a somewhat abandoned vegetation.

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