Ashley Furniture Couches Pillows

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Ashley Furniture Couches Floor

Ashley furniture couches – To find replacement pillows Ashley couches, starting with find your warranty. According to Ashley Furniture website, Ashley will replace your couch pillows within one year from the date the sofa was purchased. You can return the defective pillow along with the couches serial number and other information required by the Claim Procedure to Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., Att: Director of Quality at Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., One Ashley Way, Arcadia, WI 54612.

Go to the nearest Ashley furniture store to buy a new pillow. If your Ashley furniture couches is no longer protected by the warranty, you can probably still buy the pillow from the furniture store. Take your damaged pillow with you to make sure you get the same pillow. Next, get it upholstered. Take your pillow to a fabric store to find a fabric that fits your pillow carefully.

Take the pillow with the fabric in order for an office worker to shop for the correct amount of fabric cut. Take the pillow with the fabric for a padding shop. If you cannot find a perfect match, you may want to have all your pillows redone to match. Buy some accent pads if everything else fails. If tear and / or stains are top or long sides of pillows, buy some accent pads to decorate Ashley furniture couches and hide the problems discreetly.

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