How To Avoid Glare Granite Kitchen Countertops

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Stylish Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops – Granite countertops are used in many modern kitchens. They are attractive, durable and easy to clean. However, polished marble is so reflective can cause reflections in a room. This can cause a problem in a room with bright lighting. If you’re dealing with the glow of granite, there are two temporary and permanent solutions. Avoid glare by choosing granite with a matte finish before installation.

How to avoid glare granite kitchen countertops. Install soft lighting in the room by adding lamps or lighting strip with frost covered. This breaks the light and spreads around the room more so it has no hard light reflected in the granite kitchen countertops. Avoid puck lights, creating a “lighthouse effect” on shiny counters. Use natural sunlight as much as possible.

How to avoid glare granite kitchen countertops, Refinish polished granite kitchen countertops so it has a matte surface. However, refinishing kits are available. Arena counters to get the amount of brightness you want. To avoid glare, slightly frosted surfaces leave. Counters Cover with cloth to avoid glare. Use table runners or other decorative product in areas that are not used frequently. This is especially effective in areas that are directly under bright lighting, such as pot lights.

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