Awesome Walking Treadmill Desk

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Modern Walking Treadmill Desk

Walking treadmill desk – a desktop that allows you to walk on a treadmill while working at home or in the office. You can read, reply to the email, surf the web, write reports, all that you need to get done while walking. The advantage is that you burn calories without even noticing it and get a lot of health benefits that better mood, disease prevention, increased productivity and, of course, became a minor waist.

Walking treadmill desk popular a few years ago when some handy person took apart his treadmill and built a desk for his computer on top of it. The problem was that if you wanted a desk on your treadmill, you have to build it yourself (which if you are not handy can be a nightmare because it usually requires that you take off your console treadmill, gets proper mounting parts, etc.).

Nevertheless, several companies have recently come out with a specialized walking treadmill desk. In addition, those now used in Fortune 500 companies like Humana and Glaxo Smith Klein. They are also very popular with the work at the home crowd as you can get all the work done without the weight gain and health problems that often come with a sedentary laptop lifestyle.

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