Bassett Bedroom Furniture History

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Underpriced Bassett Bedroom Furniture

Bassett bedroom furniture – Foreign imports come and go, but domestic companies with deep roots are central to US commercial history. Among the entrepreneurs to create is this heritage Bassett family, the owners of a Virginia sawmill in the 19th century. The family delivered woodwork for crew building the country’s rail network.

Expanding their sales district beyond its headquarters in the Blue Ridge Mountains. While on the road, founder John David Bassett had a revelation. In the future, he decided to belong to furniture instead of wooden load. So he came home to launch Bassett furniture with his brothers in 1902, selling beds for $ 1.50 and dressers for $ 4.75. Bassett established his reputation for quality furniture by producing bassett bedroom furniture sets.

That bassett bedroom furniture sets made of natural abundance of oak growing in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Work was cheap since Appalachia was the home of poor people. The brothers took advantage of both raw materials and labor to build an empire. Bassett did not start serving dining furniture until it was twenty years old. When the family chose to introduce their first dining room collection in one of the time stands most popular patterns, Art Deco waterfall design. So, the end.

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