Beautiful White Corner Desk

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White Corner Desk Color

White corner desk – Corner tables can often be found in receptions and halls, as they help to create an atmosphere of solidity and seriousness as a presentation of a company. The example that we show represents this perfectly: in a classic style hall, this twisty piece captures the eyes of all visitors. Built of wood and under a very modern style, this table not only provides a large working surface, but is conceived as a symbol of hegemony. Moreover, the way the space conquest, giving a different character from a simple office.

Like a game of joining pieces it were, the example that we present now shows a white corner desk. Built of wood and with a peculiar structure formed by triangulations, this desktop changes the conventional rectangular shape for a more ergonomic and adapted to our needs. Semicircle shaped and straight lines, this desk have half a wooden board and half methacrylate, and we assure you that any point is attainable with arms without having to move the chair.

White corner desk is considered that the correct width of a desk should be similar to the length of four pages of A4 size, which is about 1.20 meters but what about your form? If you look at the work table image, the inner curved shape embraces the user, allowing you to use more surface than would use with a rectangular shape.

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