Best DIY Plywood Flooring

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Diy Plywood Flooring Model

DIY Plywood Flooring – Plywood is the main component in the construction of thousands of years. Plywood is a perfect material floor for various reasons. It’s cheap, readily available, durable, and easy enough to work with. It can be painted, stained or sealed the same as other timber. But, unlike the wooden floors planked, it comes in a large sheet of paper that can be cut to any size you choose.

Here are some ideas for DIY plywood flooring. You need to spare a uniform sheet of plywood in half. Stain them in different colors, such as light brown, dark brown, dark gray, red, green even. Then, you have to paint or stain them in a checkerboard pattern. Paint or stain them in white color, it is needed to create shabby chic appearance. After that, you have to cut them into planks and fastened to look like traditional wood flooring. Stain with your favorite color of wood high-end exotic wood flooring to simulate.

You have the plywood flooring now. Just be sure to use a very thin layer of cocking and uses the end of a flat piece of wood to reduce the inclination and close to the surface as possible. That’s our article about DIY plywood flooring.



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