Big Advantages Of Treadmill Desk Ikea

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Easy Use Treadmill Desk Ikea

Treadmill desk ikea – Although many of you may sound like science fiction or something unusual in your work, the fact is that are many companies (especially Australian) that facilitate this type of desk employees. Which are based on recent studies increase productivity at work? Moreover, not surprisingly, it has also been shown to be good for improving long – term health of workers.

At the beginning, it was found that worker productivity was reduced was needed because some skill to coordinate the activities of writing, using the mouse and treadmill desk ikea (and that the tape was set for a rate of 3.2 km / h, but remains a change sitting). At the end of the annual period, productivity and job performance had increased about 20%, which for a company are very important numbers.

The collection of studies related to the subject has concluded that you can lose an average of 3.5 to 4 kg a year just doing this kind of “effort”. And besides, treadmill desk ikea is not necessary to be a full working day walk, can be alternated with rest periods , as long as the personal feeling is not to be tired for work tasks, but the walk has a positive effect. If besides all this, we added a workplace with natural light source, we are talking about a superior work environment.

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