Blue Pearl Granite Countertops Light Appearance

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Blue pearl granite countertops – Granite is one of the most common materials for kitchen countertops. Granite is strong and resists scratches and comes in a range of colors and shades to match any color scheme in your home. Granite is also easy to care for, needing only an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. If you have a pearl blue granite countertop, hob you have a dark blue-gray that is dramatic and bold. However, if you prefer something a little more cheerful, you can always paint the tops of a lighter color.

Saturate a sponge with warm water and drain. Clean countertops background, stain removal and fat. Use a point of mild liquid detergent to remove stubborn stains. To truly difficult to remove stains, use hot water. Pat down the blue pearl granite countertops with paper towels and allow to air dry completely. Arena countertops with an electric sander using 100 grit, 220 grit sandpaper and grit 360, successively. Cover the entire surface of the counters. Sanding will help open the stone to accept the paint.

Blue pearl granite countertops light appearance; Run a handheld vacuum on the surface of the stone, removing all sanding dust. Cover the area of the rear wall with the paper or a piece of cloth and tape these covers in place. Paint tops with a light blue paint designed for stone. Run the aerosol can back and forth over the stone, creating uniform coverage. Let dry overnight and apply a second coat. Seal the paint by applying a stone sealer with a paint roller. This will prevent the paint peels and give their counters an aspect gloss finish. Allow the sealer to dry for at least 24 to 48 hours.

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