Broyhill Bedroom Furniture: Assemble A Broyhill Bed Frame

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Vintage Broyhill Bedroom Furniture

Broyhill bedroom furniture – To do this project, you need hex wrench or drill with hex heads, washcloth or hot pad and hammer. Starting with bring all parts of the bed frame into the room where you want to install your bed. Remove all packing materials. Switch the area off before you start. Place the wall, headboard and footboard in position approximately where they will go when you are done. To lean the front board upright against the wall, and place the footboard on the floor. Any extra pieces for later reserved.

Insert the barrel nuts, if any, into your side rails. Align the holes in the barrel nut. So that they run parallel to the line of the wall lines. Some models have internal barrel nuts that are already installed. Skip this step if this is the case with the frame of your bed frame broyhill bedroom furniture. Line up from one side rail with the headboard. Slide the bolts through the headboard and into the barrel of nuts in the side rail. Hand-turn them enough to “catch”. Repeat this step with the other side track.

Raise the footboard in position. Then line up the wall lines and slide in the bolts as you did with the headboard. Turn all bolts down. These using a hex wrench or a drill bit with hex bits. Into each hole where you inserted the bolts, insert the wood-colored plugs. Protect each plug with a washcloth or a warm pad. And tap it with a hammer for a secure fit. Add any additional items. Such as bed canopy broyhill bedroom furniture, according to the instructions for your specific model.

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