Build A Basic Portable Picnic Table

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Nice Portable Picnic Table

Portable Picnic Table – One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors with all the benefits of a dining room is to have a picnic table. While plastic picnic assemblies are suitable for travel, custom-built wooden tables and benches are a much more attractive addition to your garden, patio or deck.

Build a basic portable picnic table, choose what kind of a picnic table you want and draw a plan. Determine the length, height and width of the table as well as the type of wood and finish. Use treated pine or cedar table and bench top. Table tops may be 1×8, 2×4, or 2×6, depending on the overall look and proportions. Cut all the wooden planks of the benches and table for the length you want. Use a circular saw and then treat the edges with coarse and fine sandpaper to smooth them. The length of your picnic collection is determined by the number of people who will sit at the table and is usually between 6 and 8 meters. Make the page frame of the table by placing two 2x4s to almost form the letter “A”.

Connect the top of the diagonal boards with a 2×4 that will directly support the table top boards. At a height of 17 inches, is connected to the diagonals of a 2×6 table. This board will support bench boards. Make two of these side frames for both sides of the table. Fix the tabletop and bench top boards to the frames. Before finally securing structure with bolts and screws, use a level to check that surfaces are horizontal. Now you have the basic skeleton of the portable picnic table assembly. Fit the diagonal braces under the table in a form of a letter “A.”  Apply a coat of primer to the entire surface of picnic table assembly and let it dry.

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