Build A Simple Outdoor Potting Bench

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Potting Bench Outdoor Garden Room

Outdoor potting bench – Potting benches are designed to take back pain potting plants. Allow gardeners to work with their plants standing, rather than bending over or kneeling on the floor filling their pots with soil. Usually, banks are similar sealing a table construction, with a hole at the top for setting the hub in potting soil, making it easily accessible.

Build outdoor potting bench, take the bucket pots, then move one centimeter in the drawn line and draw a second line that mimic the shape of the contour encapsulation. Cut 2 – by – 4 boards on four feet 36 inches long, two lengths measuring 42 inches and two lengths of 20 inches.

Build outdoor potting bench, Plane an edge recess 4 3/4 inch deep and half an inch wide on one side of each of the 42- and 20 – inch 2-by-4s. Drive two wood screws through each corner joints of the boards to secure the frame. Turn the frame upside down, sideways plywood on the work surface. Place your legs upright on the outside of each end of the shorter sides of the structure.  Measuring legs 10 inches and place the staples through each pair of legs at this point. Connect with two wood screws 2 inches on each leg.

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