Build An Outdoor Umbrella Stand

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Top Outdoor Umbrella Stand

Outdoor umbrella stand – Nothing can dress a lobby or entrance as a simple but unique umbrella stand. Although common umbrella stand seems to have lost its popularity, its function is, no doubt, but nothing outdated. People still need to use umbrella while walking outdoors when it rains or snows. Do your guests a favor and their entry. Make provide your family and visitors with a convenient place for your wet umbrella, and keep the floor dry at the same time. This will probably cost almost nothing to do, because it can have most, if not all you need around the house.

Build an outdoor umbrella stand, Use the hobby knife or razor to remove the four tabs at the top of the box. Coat the inside of the box with a bag of kitchen waste plastic and staple in place. Cover the box with wrapping paper, just like you would when wrapping a gift. Tape the paper securely in place, and give the tail a little time to completely dry. If you do not want to use wrapping paper, you can simply paint the picture.

Measure the outside perimeter of the box with a tape measure or ruler. Cut two pieces of weather strip to this length with scissors. Paint the edges with weather-stripping gold or silver metallic paint. Let dry completely. Apply a layer of Mod Lodge to the entire outer surface of the umbrella stand to strengthen and protect their materials. Dry completely. Enjoy your new outdoor umbrella stand.

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