Build Boys Loft Bed With Slide

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Wonderful Boys Loft Bed With Slide

Boys loft bed with slide – one, nailing together the wood for build the base of the bed. Make sure the two 6ft pieces go side by side. Then fasten the planks for the base evenly so they fit. For the basic frame of the bed built. Then nail the sides so that 3 foot piece coincides with staircase and 5ft piece with the slide.

Two, nail the 4 posts. Place one in each corner. Then the frame is held over them. Now you have the basic structure standing of boys loft bed with slide. Take two slats of wood for stairs and fix them on side most convenient for you for climbing up. Nail steps into two sides. You now have steps made. Fix the support wood to about 2 meters off the ground so your posts are supported.

The bars will only be on three sides. Let the fourth open to put a computer desk or toy chest your boys. Four, build slide now. Take two pieces of page three and put the fins on the bottom. It will basically look like a ladder at this point. Attach metal slide to the middle. Your slide is now done. Then put the top side of the top and nail it in strong. Five, paint the boys loft bed with slide. Select a color your boys like.

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