Build White Bookcase With Glass Doors At The Bottom     

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White Bookcase With Glass Doors Style

White bookcase with glass doors – Bookcase can be modified to incorporate glass doors s in its design. By simply connecting a series of glass doors s on the side boards of the bookcase, a cabinet section that allows open in other convenient hidden storage shelving and storage is added. This project requires only basic materials such as plywood, and is quite affordable. The project can be improved by using higher quality wood. Either paint or stain can be used to complete the project.

Build a white bookcase with glass doors , Place two plate’s 3/4-of-12-by-60-inch plywood with his long, thin on the ground edge. The parallel to each other, 3 feet away. These are the side boards. Establish a plywood board 3/4-by-12-by-36-inch against one end of the tables. This plate is the upper plate. Align metal 1 inch L brackets every 6 inches along the joints between the top panel and the side plates. Drill whole fixing each screw and insert a wood screw 3/4 inch. Tighten the screws in place to secure the top panel of the side boards. Establish a board of 3/4-by-36-by-61 1/2 inches of plywood on the floor and put the frame on top of it.

Place the shelf up on the lower board. Place a plywood board 3/4-by-12-by-34 1/2-inch inside the frame, when a storage box. Keep parallel to the bottom board, exactly 24 centimeters above it. Attach the shelf panel of the side boards and the rear plate by placing a metal L bracket every 6 inches below the shelf and table against the back and side tables. Fasten with wood screws 3/4 inches. Repeat to add as many additional white bookcase with glass doors you want. Place the rack back into its rear seal. Place a magnetic closure of three parts in the center of the two glass doors s near the top. Mark the screw positions on the top plate and each glass doors. Drill holes and place each of the magnetic closure in place with wood screws 3/4 inches.

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