Building Queen Size Bunk Beds

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Wooden Queen Size Bunk Beds

Queen size bunk beds – A bunk bed marriage is an unorthodox piece of furniture, but can be a great addition to any place where sleeping conditions are crowded, like a college dorm or holiday home. This berth project will be similar to those of smaller mattresses, except that you will have to pay special attention to supporting the middle of the mattress.

When mattress frame queen size bunk beds was done drill four holes in each of the message using the same bit you did for your other drilling. Drill two sets of holes in a line perpendicular to the length of the posts, 2 3/4 and 3 1/2 inches from the edge. Move all the pieces of the bed to the room where you are setting bed. After this stage, the whole thing moves will be a real nuisance.

Configure your four posts about where they will be when the bed was made. The holes should be perpendicular to the wall you put the long side of the bed against. Move a platform in position between the posts. Use a wrench to bolt in place on the lower set of holes drilled in the posts. Establish the second platform of queen size bunk beds on top of the first. Hoist to the level of the second series of holes and bolt in place. For most people this step is impossible without assistants.

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