Change Your Swag Lamp With Pipe Track Lighting

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Pipe Track Lighting Ideas

Pipe track lighting – Swag lamps were first introduced in the 1950s and became popular in the 1970s because they could be hung by a ceiling hook without the need for specialist lines. They were also made mainly of plastic which was a new and inexpensive invention at the time. Swag lamps have a long chain attached to them with the power cord woven in. The lamp itself is hung from a ceiling hook and chain hung from one another. The drape of the chain between the hooks creates swag. Since swag lamps can be replaced with any other type of bathroom lighting you want.

Hanging lamps such as chandeliers are another type of pendant light that can replace a swag lamp. Hanging lighting is considered especially elegant. Hanging lamps will also replace the empty space left from removing the swag, but new lines may be needed when introduced. May for you this lamp is mainstream to apply in the bathroom. For vintage look or nautical themed you must try pipe track lighting style.

Pipe track lighting can create bright lighting conditions that can be artfully arranged and directed to work best for your bathroom. A series of small spotlights is mounted on a track mounted on the wall, ceiling or other surface. Each light in the track is positioned independently.

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