Choose For Fake Wood Flooring

Rustic Fake Wood Flooring

Fake wood flooring – Sometimes imitation may be better than the real thing. Many households choose to apply on the floor of his house a fake wood finish, known by the French term, faux bois. The effect that can create this kind of decoration for the floor can be, on the one hand, more practical when stored and cleaned and secondly, to preserve the warmth and beauty that brings this material so noble. If you want a floor of ceramic materials, but that seems made of maple or oak, there are many brands that can give you the opportunity to buy some tiles with this face and other features. In this way, you will keep the quality and distinction of wood, but you avoid problems humidity and deterioration that often suffer these natural pavements over time.

Catalogs of many firms specializing in wall and floor coverings offer many examples of tiles for flooring your home, inspired by the natural grain of some tree species, such as pine. Moreover, there are high-level companies that will allow you to choose for the different rooms of your house much lighter and fruity cherry wood, as a similar elegant, dark wedge tone color. Another way to give them a look of wood flooring your home is with wallpaper looks like wood. Given a choice, you can choose a fake wood flooring apareciencia old and aged, or freshly cut and relatively new, varnished surface, with traces of paint color.

There is no doubt that these sheets of wallpaper are much easier to and of course get cheaper. Of course, you can place much more easily than a traditional wood floor. The most suitable soils to incorporate this decoration are the kitchen, -since will give a rustic touch and savagely, and youth or children’s rooms. Take these alternatives to fake wood flooring, more comfortable to live, but without sacrificing love for this crust, is doing a favor to the environment by not having to cut down as many trees of our Mother Earth. Are you satisfied with these options or you seem substitutes that are not up to the material that mimics? Do not you think now is a good solution in times of crisis?