Classy Pool Pergola Designs

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Kitchen Pool Pergola Designs

Pool pergola designs – there are different types of pool pergola that can be used to carry out the construction of our own wooden pergolas. European pergola for example: Pine and fir Sweden, Russian pine, insignis pine, oak, ash, sycamore, linden, and cedar, Natural Beech Steamed Beech edged and square – edged.

The types of wood that can be used for the construction of a pool pergola designs, as they are varied, the decision will depend on various parameters to be considered as the place where will be built, the type of decoration, personal taste and budget we have. It is important that the wood used for the construction of the pergola is treated, and is recommended because otherwise it is very susceptible to wet and cold weather, you could cause more of a problem.

The pine wood pressure – treated is the most affordable and one of the most common types for construction of pool pergola designs, because it is resistant to putrefaction and insects. Also interesting is the power tintarla with any color according to our tastes so, give it a personal and exclusive touch . Another interesting type of wood by professional carpenters who have a preference is cedar because it is resistant to deformation, cracks, deformation insects and moisture.

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