Closet Organizer Plans Project

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Wooden Closet Organizer Plans

Closet organizer plans – Most homeowners are facing the same challenge, regardless of the size of the house-insufficient space for their clothes. Often, the problem is not lack of space, but the lack of appropriate design to maximize the space available. With some advance, planning and a few person-hours can do-it-yourselfer double her storage capacity and convert an inefficient space into an organized workhorse of a closet.

Look at your clothes to determine what type of closet organizer plans system will work best. If you have a lot of dresses or elegant clothes, you need more single rods. If you live in separates, stack rods on top of the other to double the hanging space. If you have tons of shoes, plan for more shoe cubes. If accessories are your thing, you must drawers.

Measure the room. Measure each wall, which can convert to the shelving. Draw some rough sketches of each wall. Decide on the material you want for your closet organizer plans. Wood adds elegance and luxury, but it is more expensive. Wire shelving or melamine is cheaper, and you can quickly see what is stored on each shelf. Find each stud in the wall with a stud search and mark its location with a pencil.

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