Compact Computer Desk Corner Bookcase

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Compact Computer Desk Cabinet

Compact computer desk – You can be more organized, with the ability to pull any book you need from the shelf without leaving your desk. Place 36-inch by 36-inch piece of 1/2-inch plywood on a flat surface. Choose a corner, and measure out and make a mark on the edge of the plywood 24 inches from the corner in each direction.

Draw a line and cut to connect the 24-inch marks. Measure out 6 inches from the corner along each edge. Draw a line connecting the two 6-inch labels, and cut the corner with a handsaw. Removing this 6-inch section in the rear of the compact computer desk allows the cables to pass through without disturbing your work area.

Place the cut 36. This section will be the corner tabletop for compact computer desk. Make legs by placing the lining of the 12-inch side of a 12-by 30-inch section of 1/2-inch plywood with the remaining 12 inches of each edge, where you removed and measured 24 inches. Fasten the legs by turning down from the desktop directly into the legs. Place a screw every 3 inches along the top of each leg. Place 8 1 / 2- by 30-inch plywood section along the 6-inch cut edge. Center and line it up with the edge, and secure it with three evenly spaced screws.

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