Cool Bunk Beds For Kids

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Wonderful And Cool Bunk Beds For Kids

Cool Bunk Beds For Kids – Bunk beds are very handy for a children’s room especially if you have two children sharing a room. They can be decorated in a variety of fun ways; if you have bunk beds, learn some sweet ideas to make them look festive. Decorate the bunk beds as night and day. Make headboards of thin wood and cut them in half-sun and a crescent shape. Paint and nail them to the head of each bunk.

Making cool bunk beds for kids with decorate dollhouse bed as another idea for a girl’s room, or you can paint it to look like a boy clubhouse. Measuring the upper bunk lengthwise and cut a piece of thin wood or cardboard the same length, then cut it in half. Attach a piece at the foot of the top bunk, and one in the head, and secure them together in a point at the center. Paint like a pretty doll house roofs or clubhouse. Adding curtains in the roof’s edges and pull they back with quite strict.

Try cool bunk beds for kids with decorate jungle themed bunk. Paint the base of the bed-trunk brown and wrap vines around it, or paint it in fun animal prints. Hang stuffed animals like monkeys from the top bunk. You can even paint snakes around the frames of the bed. Another idea is to take the stuffed birds, like toucans, and mount them on the posts.

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