Couch Bunk Bed With For Living Room

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Folding Couch Bunk Bed

Couch Bunk Bed – One of the things that can be done to utilize the limited space is to choose furniture or multifunctional furniture. Architect Giulio Manzoni comes with multifunctional furniture design ideas are cool. He found a multifunction sofa that can be converted into a bunk bed.

Couch bunk bed is like to be a package 2 in 1 perfect for the interior of your house or apartment. Besides the furniture is very convenient when used either to sit or sleep. The users also do not have to worry about safety. The furniture has been designed so as to consider the safety aspects as well. The change from a sofa into a bed can be done with only takes 12 seconds.

The main frame couch bunk bed is a combination of hard steel pipe with tulip wood side panels that are designed to accommodate people weighing up to 150kg. Bed base is also made from beech wood for added comfort. The main reason why this sofa is said to be ‘user-friendly’ is due to the use of the gas piston to create jobs such as opening and folding bed could be done easily. Manzoni designing this sofa into two right sizes for the room of the house, both versions vary in size to allow the user to optimally utilize the available space.



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