Coverings For Sliding Glass Doors

Wonderful Coverings For Sliding Glass Doors

Coverings For Sliding Glass Doors – Sliding glass doors are convenient exits to the patio from the room and also give you a view of your landscape, to create a connection between the inside and outside of your home. But you also want to be able to cover the glass doors for various reasons such as privacy, light control, and for added aesthetics to the room’s decor.

Standard in the coverings for sliding glass doors, vertical blinds consist of a head rail across the window that vanes or louvers hang down, creating a vertical striping over the window. The fins are usually 3 inches wide and made of vinyl, plastic or cloth or plastic vanes encased in sheer fabric. A mechanism in the head rail, you can slide the slats to the left or right so they stuck to either side of the sliding glass door.

Curtain coverings for sliding glass doors provides the ability to add color, pattern and structure of the room. It requires enough space on each side of the sliding glass door for drapery panels gather when opened and still the door to work properly. If the panel’s curtain does not clear the door, they are likely to get stuck between the glass doors when sliding between the door and when the sliding door shut.