Cozy But Simple Pergola Designs

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Simple Pergola Designs Garden

Simple pergola designs – Pergolas, are exterior structures that can be a shelter under the sun and rain, or simply a way to define or enhance a space. The materials most suitable for the construction of pergolas are aluminum, wrought iron, steel or wood that meet the basic conditions for conservation because being on the outside is exposed to sun and rain. Also they can be found in plastic or PVC resins.

Pergola Classic or simple pergola designs: It is characterized by simple shapes with few devices, it fits almost all styles of houses and gardens and you can find it in any material. Pergola Rustic : Wood is the preferred material. Bats are wide, the edges are sometimes cut, and you can add details or walls in stones or logs. It is suitable for a rustic style.

Romantic but simple pergola designs: Round shapes and details like arabesques, scrolls and floral motifs. Generally wrought iron but also you prune to find wood. They are suitable for cottages. Pergolas Modern Minimalist: It is characterized by simple shapes; the right angle is the preference. Metal, wood, galvanized metal, aluminum and wrought iron but almost never plastic: almost all materials used. It is suitable for modern homes.

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