DIY Cheap Outdoor Gazebo Chandelier

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Outdoor Gazebo Chandelier Rustic

Outdoor Gazebo Chandelier – Lamps balls are fashionable and this simple step will be able to do it ourselves, saving a few Euros and, best, adapting it to our decor thanks to the colors of spray paint Pintyplus Chalk Paint Spray. It is formulated water – based, paint able perfectly on expanded polystyrene.

We begin drilling all the balls that are going to use outdoor gazebo chandelier and then run the cables inside. For this, we used a stick Chinese food, but you can search for any similar object that we reach a rod, a sharp pencil. Meanwhile, poking them with sticks we will make it easier to paint. The good thing about chalk is that it is completely respectful of polystyrene, without damage, unlike other types of paints. In addition, the ultra – matte finish will give an appearance of wood or stone that will make our outdoor gazebo chandelier. As we paint balls, we leave a few minutes to dry without touching each other. In this case it has been introduced that support sticks in a glass. We can also paint the trim cap and ceiling. In this case for a more pro set it has been applied mint green, matching the color of the balls.

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