DIY Sliding Panel Room Divider

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White Sliding Panel Room Divider

Sliding panel room divider – is an elegant addition to a room, whether purely decorative purposes or to provide personal information. Measure the width of the room sliding doors will cover. Buy a bypass doorway to fit the space or buy more tracks for a large surface. Use a hacksaw to cut the door track to fit the space, if necessary.

Install the upper door track sliding panel room divider. Keep track toward the ceiling and use a pencil to mark the limit of the screw holes in the track. Drill pilot holes in the ceiling for the screws. Use the screws that come with the kit to ensure the track to the ceiling. Screw the rolls included in the set to the top of the sliding panel about 3 inches from the ends of each panel. Drill pilot holes in the top of the panel.

Keep the monitor upright at a slight angle and slide the rollers in the track for sliding panel room divider. Use the dial on the supplied bracket to adjust the height of the panel. Unscrew the rollers into the second panel, and slide it on the field. Use door glides included in the kit to keep panels from the swing bottom. Line one up with the bottom of each panel and screw it into the floor.

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