DIY Treadmill Desk Attachment

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Great Treadmill Desk Attachment

Treadmill desk attachment – Create a custom folding treadmill workstation if you do not always want to go and work at the same time. Emulate engineering of wall-mounted, fold-down ironing board, especially if you work on a laptop and do not require a standard monitor on your workstation. Locate the studs in the wall and drops anchor deep into the plaster.

Attach a pre-finished length of the bench or plywood on the wall with two or three folding shelf brackets in the right height. Test the folding mechanism to make certain station is stable while in use and folds up properly. Add one or two hook and eye sets, if necessary, to stow it against the wall. Build a side-mounted treadmill desk attachment, if you plan to keep your computer from a wall mount TV bracket and want to move it back and forth when not in use.

Construct a small workstation designed to hold your keyboard, using the same material as the fold-down work above. Install the desktop on the page with a large swivel bracket supports desktop so it rotates and folds flat against the wall. Wall mount screen and side mount your treadmill desk attachment and you can camouflage both if you install a roll-down match or a Roman shade that lowers to obfuscate your workplace.

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