Exclusive Mid Century Modern Bar Stools

Mid Century Modern Bar Stools Color

Mid century modern bar stools – Stools are often seat par excellence in kitchens these days, dominated as a tuck-under seat in a small bar or kitchen island. There is a wide variety of styles to choose and can even recycle a finding of market in less-than-perfect condition with a few simple techniques.

Mid century modern bar stools can sport an aspect of “space age” when legs are long and skinny triangles painted wood and seats are thick pads smoothed and polished wooden cross sections of a tree trunk. Add a footrest in aluminum surrounding lower third of legs and mid-century piece adds a futuristic note on an eclectic cuisine.

Mid century modern bar stools choose some battered a nautical theme update. Use a glue gun and very rough twine or thin rope to wrap completely stool. Wrap thread around each leg, glued in place as you go. Top of seat gets stuck flat spiral rope from center to edge. If stool see heavy use, you may want to protect with clear lacquer spray after glue dries.

Choose your stools brushed aluminum for a spare, modern design. Four legs in a perfect square are joined by cross bars that serve as foot rests on bottom. Seats are simple rectangles of aluminum, provided that curve legs on each side by interest. Or opt for square seats downward curve at top of legs to a comfortable position. Brushed aluminum in this basic style is versatile enough to go with many interiors, not only modern.