Fantastic Outdoor Pergola Designs

Garden Outdoor Pergola Designs

Outdoor pergola designs – When we think that a pergola is a very modern construction we are already in year 1645 was used that word to describe same building model we have today. They are of different materials and styles, some will surprise you how they were made, others with covers that are practically and ceilings. Interesting buildings so you can choose what you like best for your garden or terrace.

Outdoor pergola designs are architectural and structural elements that form a corridor construction or covered space. They have their columns or pillars supporting longitudinal beams and on this other smaller ones that are belts are supported. In these constructions have different types or styles of finishes, must only have this structure either wood or iron or a combination of both materials, others serve to plant next to columns plants of vines type climbing up structure forming a roof vegetable. Others on structure is added a translucent sheets of some kind of plastic to cover material and rain does not wet area where you are but allow sunlight to pass.

If you have your room and extend it over garden you want most practical is build a floor and a roof with outdoor pergola designs. In this model we see that has been used structural profiles of iron and straps that are as Techan wood. This structure is supported on wall of house and other two columns are in garden. A very good solution to increase social area of your home. Outdoor furniture completes this practical design.