Fascinating Cherry Toddler Bed

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Cherry Toddler Bed Style

Create cherry toddler bed by featuring toddler favorite colors, fabrics and decoration. A beautiful room is often romantic with silk linens, lace curtains and other accents as an old wall mirror or potpourri filled vases. Blue and purple are both soothing colors to help feel relaxed. Paint walls with light purple blue accents such as small blue flowers along border. Let white ceiling. Choose fabrics that are a few shades darker than walls to add drama. Plum Bedding stands out against pastel light purple walls. Many types of furniture styles work well this color scheme.

You can select wooden cherry toddler bed for a romantic look. However, if you want a cottage look, choose white furniture. Decorate your walls with framed pictures to match color of wood in room. If you prefer a more mundane look, choose neutral colors like peach or light beige. Paint walls a neutral color and leave ceiling white. Install white crown molding along part boundary. Choose dark cherry toddler bed to contrast with walls and hang pictures with wooden frames that match your selection of furniture. Litter in rich dark colors like burgundy or forest green work well in this type of room. Choose brown or plum to hang dark curtains on windows as well.

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