How To Finish Reclaimed Pine Flooring

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Rustic Reclaimed Pine Flooring

Reclaimed pine flooring – is valued for its character and old-fashioned look. But it is also a relatively soft wood, which means that you can damage it inadvertently coating process. That is why it is important to do as little as possible to the old pine floors, as you put it.  Use your hammer and center punch to knock down any raised nail heads on the floor surface.

Load your rotating floor buffer to its fine flooring screen. Switch buffer and immediately start moving it over the floor, in the direction of the floorboards. Move it back and forth, working your way around the reclaimed pine flooring. The screen should dull the surface and remove any existing gloss, but should not dig into the wood itself.  Vacuum the floor to take up the dust. Wipe the entire surface by hand with tack cloths to take any remaining dust up.

Brush on the first layer of polyurethane with a brush, starting at the furthest point from the entrance. Apply polyurethane in a smooth, even layer, with the direction of the floorboards. Coat the entire reclaimed pine flooring.  Let the polyurethane to dry for six hours. Sand lightly with extra fine sandpaper, dulling the surface. Wipe the surface with your tack cloths.  Brush on a second layer of polyurethane in the same way as you did the first. Let it set, polish it with extra fine sandpaper, wipe it down with a tack cloth and apply a third layer of polyurethane.

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