Glass Pool Table With Ideal Lighting

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Awesome Glass Pool Table

Glass pool table – Lighting your pool table is important, not only for lighting, while playing, but also to create a sense of style in your pool table area. Traditional pool table lighting consists of one or more lamps shaded with colored glass, hanging over pool table. These lights are easily available in pool supply stores, and they come in many shapes, but your pool table lights need not be limited to these fixtures.

Give your glass pool table an air of class and sophistication by renouncing traditional shaded pool table furniture and choose a modern style glass or crystal chandelier instead. At first, a chandelier over a pool table seem out of place, but for high-end pool tables surrounded by upscale furnishings a chandelier is appropriate. It can provide plenty of light for your games and gatherings, while its position directly above table helps draw visitors’ eyes and make your pool area is undisputed focal point of room. Chandeliers works especially well if your decor consists of bright colors rather dim pool-hall tones.

Pendant lighting is popular for glass pool table areas because it keeps light focused where you want it and allows you to leave other areas dim or turn them separately to control mood and atmosphere. Hang a pendant light over each end of table, grossly over where you place cue ball and point of rack. Keep lights about 30 to 34 inches above work surface to prevent them from interfering with game. Add ambient light for spectators by placing floor lamps around room, or make pool table area more festive by wrapping July tree-style string lights around pool table legs. An additional matching pendant placed over your cue storage cabinet or rack can help tie lighting together visually.

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