Great Galvanized Pipe Light Fixtures

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Decorative Galvanized Pipe Light Fixtures

Galvanized pipe light fixtures – Galvanized pipe is steel that has been coated with zinc to protect the pipe from corrosion. This coating gives the tube a dull silver color. In homes built before 1960, were galvanized pipes commonly used as water supply lines. In more newly built homes, copper and plastic piping is used instead, but galvanized pipe still properties that make it useful for other applications.

True galvanized fittings are normally only available on the nipples and couplings. Other galvanized fittings are usually made of soft galvanized iron. The wood on the galvanized pipes and connections are sealed with pipe sealant. Soft iron is used instead of galvanized steel for most galvanized pipe light fixtures because it is easily bent and shaped than galvanized steel, so that manufacturers can provide a variety of fittings such as tees and elbows at a lower cost.

In the past, were galvanized pipe light fixtures, the primary material for residential water supply lines. The strength and durability made them seem ideal for burying underground and hiding behind walls. The discovery that galvanized pipes rust from the inside out has made them almost nonexistent in new home construction. But galvanized pipes have other useful applications where rust isn’t to the problem or its presence doesn’t pose a health risk, such as fencing posts, guardrails and handrails.

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