Healthier Working with Diy Treadmill Desk

Sep 12th
Home Office Diy Treadmill Desk
Home Office Diy Treadmill Desk

Diy treadmill desk – It’s already well known that sedentary lifestyle is a harmful habit that harms health. Hence, some companies (I would say many, but not really know if there are many) are serious fight and seek ways to design healthier working positions. In this office they made experiment add a treadmill to job standing.

Using jobs standing in office is a measure to combat sedentary lifestyle. When standing position changes, foot movement, loading and unloading of muscles … which positively influences overall health, reducing problems associated with maintaining a static position for hours allowed. In video they wanted to loop loop, adding a diy treadmill desk while working standing. result can see it yourself.

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Reactions of diy treadmill desk are diverse, from some who say that they like, to many other test participants to comment difficulty to write, read, use mouse or focus. I think idea is interesting, but not very operational, although it is not wrong to try. fact is that physical inactivity is an epidemic that in malignancy compared with smoking. Even some study claims that benefits of exercising regularly are reduced if spends many hours sitting in same position, hence it is always recommended already repeated formulas change posture, avoid excessive muscle tension, get up and take a little walk from time to time …

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