History Knight Of The Round Table

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Amazing Knight Of The Round Table

Knight of the round table – In the Legend of King Arthur, the round table or round table was a mystical table of Camelot around which the king and his knights sat to discuss crucial to the security of the kingdom affairs. In some versions, the magician Merlin also had a seat. The most popular story about the origin of the table appears for the first time in the Merlin of Robert de Boron, which was adopted by later prose romances.

Knight of the round table, there is no privileged place in a round table, so that no one stands above the rest. Thus, the gentlemen who gathered around him were all the same and there was no “leader” like those of many other medieval tables. There are indications of other provisions of seats in circle to avoid conflicts between the ancient Celts groups. However, he could infer the importance of each site depending on the number of seats between him and the king.

The knights of the round table, also called the round table, are an order of mythical legendary cavalry, which appear in the Arthurian legends of the call Matter of Britain. According to these, the order was founded once Arthur was proclaimed king of Britain and founded his court at Camelot. The king of Leodegrance, who ruled the lands of Cameilard occasion of the wedding of his daughter Geneva with King Arthur, gave the desk or table that gave rise to the order.

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