How Clean Outdoor Umbrella

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Outdoor umbrella – Keep your outdoor umbrella clean and protected fabric season after season. Clean your umbrella every two or three months while it’s in use. Clean and dry the outdoor umbrella thoroughly before packing it away for winter storage so doesn’t rust weaken and discolor the fabric.

Place the open outdoor umbrella on its side and use a broom to sweep excess dirt. Hose down umbrella. Place a capful of detergent in a bucket of warm water and swish around to mix. Use a stiff brush to loosen dirt and grime. Do not rub too hard, as it can damage or remove the protective layer of your umbrella.

Rinse thoroughly. Be sure to get all the soap off her outdoor umbrella. Sprinkle baking soda on remaining spots. Let the baking soda sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse. Remove mold or mildew stains with a bleach solution and 50-50 running water. Try umbrella on a small spot color stability. If the color does not fade, apply bleach and scrub the mold and mildew. Dry the umbrella open letting it sit in the sun for a few hours before storing.

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