How To Clean Outdoor Couch Cushions

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Outdoor Couch Cushions

How To Clean Outdoor Couch Cushions – Cushions available with variety of colors and design styles, that can greatly enhance the decor your space. Couch cushions provide complementary color which brings beauty in the space. The cushions are affordable and easy to use, but because of its frequent functional purpose, can become dirty fairly quickly. Fortunately, cleaning the couch cushions is a very simple process that requires no special skill.

Determine if the outdoor couch cushions have covers that can be removed by unzipping. Remove the outdoor couch cushions individually from the couch. Gently wipe down each outdoor couch cushions with a dry towel or cloth.  Determine the material of the couch cushions. Remove the cushions that are made of materials cannot be washed as silk or linen. Remove the pillow cover if your cushions have a zipper cover.

Place the outdoor couch cushions in a pillowcase. Pillowcase it serves as a protector of damage to the washing machine. Turn your cushions with zipper cover inside out, so the interior is on the outside.  Run the couch cushions for a cycle in the washing machine. Set your washer to the gentle cycle in cold water. Remove the sofa cushions pillow protector, and leave them on a blanket outdoors in sunlight for several hours to dry. Place the sofa cushions in the dryer for drying half hour in the lowest possible position. Check to see if your sofa cushions are dry and have hollowed correctly. Continue drying at low temperature until they have reached the consistency you require.

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