How To Finish A Basement Laundry Room Lighting Fluorescent

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White Laundry Room Lighting Fluorescent

Anyone who says you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear never owned a laundry room lighting fluorescent basement. Whether your laundry room basement is dreary or pleasant depends very little on their devices, and more on your creativity. With the help of paint, some basic design theory and little decor ingenuity, you can give your laundry a ready and welcoming atmosphere.

Just because the laundry room lighting fluorescent looks lighting basement does not mean it has to stay that way. Bring out the best in your color scheme by increasing the light in the laundry room. A large boxed ceiling light can make the space look airy. An economical plug-and-clip light, a cable bundle of light, stick-on fluorescent under counter lighting bars or a stupid thrift store crown all the brighter and cheer your room and can also make it easier to see and remove stains.

A glossy metal shadow, old mirror and second reflecting accessories magnify the effects of light further. Adding daylight can be as simple as clearing debris and cleaning the windows in an old basement window and place a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect laundry room lighting fluorescent.

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