How to Make Treadmill Desks

Jan 20th

Treadmill desks – Despite my efforts to rid sugar diet and avoid foods that aggravate my eczema, I did not feel as well as I wanted. In addition, I gained a little. It’s frustrating. You feel like you’re eating better than ever, but something is still going well. In my case, I needed some fresh air and some exercise. The days I worked out, I felt guilty for not working on my blog. Day working on my blog, I felt guilty for not exercising. Every day, I feel guilty for not having a little cleaner and organized home, but that’s another story. ┬áSo finally he did what was long pending: a desk for my treadmill! Once I had prepared the materials, it took me less than 20 minutes to make the desktop.

Use treadmill desks
Use treadmill desks

Over a year I was looking for ideas for this type of Internet desktop does. I would like to say that this technique is my idea, but it is not. I saw similar desks in various blogs so I do not know who the first to do so was. I was going to do something and planned to tie my desk to the tape, but the use of bungee cords is really a great idea to make the desktop is easily removable. In the morning I take an infusion I can while listening to the radio and edit my pictures, and in the afternoon I walk a little faster as I write. I just took a week with the desktop, but I feel as if I had changed my life! Really!

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So, you want to make treadmill desks as well? I’ll show you how I did mine. Measure the width of the arms of your treadmill. Mine measured 92 cm. Then measure how deep you want it. I wanted my desk was as deep enough to comfortably hold the computer and I did 30 cm. Find a board pine the size you want (in my case I needed a rectangle of 92 cm x 30 cm). I went to a hardware store and asked them to cut me there. Taking advantage of the trip, also I bought a pack of 4 eyebolts and some elastic ropes there. When I got home, I curled two eyebolts on each side of my treadmill desks (one on top and one on the bottom). To assemble, engage two elastic cords from one side to another, below the handrail.