Ideal Loft Bed Ideas For Kids

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Tent Loft Bed Ideas For Kids

Loft bed ideas for kids –it can be a bed in a loft, a raised platform bed with activity space under it or a universal furniture unit that creates a two-story room-in-a-room. If you have a ceiling height – and sometimes even without it – a clever use of space given by loft beds results in an attractive and functional space for playing and dreaming

Live large in a small bedroom with typical loft bed ideas for kids. A built-in custom bed makes best use of available space. Coordinate bed height of a tall armoire that hides toy and clothes clutter. A staircase at one end gives bookshelves in treads and easy access to high bed. There is space under bed for a nice, thick carpet and beanbag chair, or interlocking rubber tiles alphabet and even more toys. Or save some money and transform a bunk bed. Remove lower bed, keeping frame, top bunk and a ladder. Hang theater curtains from top bunk to create a scene under bed and let show begin.

Some loft bed ideas for kids are small apartments just slot into a room. Bed is on a higher level, accessed by a wide stepped ladder or stairway that defines lower area. Matching open shelves is part of bed support and a long dresser in corner and panels with hooks to hang clothes in other. Furniture may include a child’s desk and stool in same wood. Add some bright linen and an area rug, place a lamp in one corner, and some lucky kid have a duplex with a mezzanine “bedroom.” With enough space, a mezzanine loft be double width, using a twin mattress and provides extra floor space “upstairs.”

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