Ideas For Building A Toddler Castle Bed

Amazing Toddler Castle Bed

Toddler castle bed – Little girls and boys often dream of having their own castles, where they are the masters of the country. It is quite appropriate, then, that when they are ready to drift off into dreamland, they do so in their own castle beds, which are simple to make, or as elaborate as you make will allow to his imagination. You can make a simple toddler castle bed by creating a custom headboard that the front exterior of a castle out of your child’s favorite story or film seems. Simply use a piece of plywood cut to size and attach a larger, thin piece on each side to serve as turrets. Attach then small squares of the timber, spaced a few centimeters, past to simulate the top of the wall turrets and battlements.

Entrance to the toddler castle bed, this design will make your child feel that he is entering his very own castle every time he goes to bed. Enclosing the bed on three sides with a light wood so that only one of the two long sides of the bed is exposed. Make sure that the housing is long enough that the child will not feel boxed in.

Cut two additional pieces of wood about a quarter of the length of the toddler castle bed and store each of these pieces on the side remains uncovered, one piece at each end, leaving a door opening effect. Add to that the general structure as little or as much detail as you want. For example, you might want to place turrets on to create the top, and pieces seem to tilt timber. Paint the interior and exterior colors that suit your child.