Ideas For Small Corner Desk Plans

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Small Corner Desk Tower

Small corner desk – A corner is an ideal place for a work space. You’re not disrupting traffic through space and your view doesn’t lend them to be distracted. Fortunately, you can build small corner desk yourself in an afternoon, plus a few hours for the paint to dry.

Build a small corner desk, cut the plywood sheets to the right dimensions. Cut a plywood sheet along the diagonal, creating two right triangles. Put a triangle to the side. You won’t use it, but you might want to keep it in case of error. Sand all faces in your timber until its smooth enough to avoid splinters. Replace the two, 30-inch square pieces of plywood in an L-shape, the end of a square bearing against the front of the other. Glue in place. Strength with a line of eight evenly spaced nails. Allow to dry.

Place the plywood triangle on top of the L. The outside edges of the timber squares should be flush with the edges of the equal sides of the triangles. Glue in place. Use the kit also smooth out any cracks or dings in the timber. Allow to dry. Paint or stain your small corner desk. Allow to dry. Push the desktop in place in the corner.

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