Ideas Hanging Outdoor Sheer Curtains

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Simple Outdoor Sheer Curtains

Outdoor sheer curtains – Hang sheer curtains on an outside patio lets you use your outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining in private life. The sheer curtains provide a comfortable barrier perception of viewers and soften the appearance of your outdoor air. Because the curtains hang out, they should be easy to remove for cleaning. The suspension of outdoor curtains cup hooks inexpensive is simple and allows easy removal.

Hanging outdoor sheer curtains, Measure the width of the space in which the curtains are hung with a tape measure. Multiply by 2 to calculate the width of the drapes and curtain panels to determine how many you will need. Measure and mark tops of the curtains, 12 inches apart. Attach a clip ring at each mark.

Measure and mark the positions of the cup hooks. Cup hooks should be spaced evenly in a horizontal line, 6 inches apart. Use a punch or hammer and nail to make a pilot hole for each cup hooks. Screw cup hooks into the pilot holes, all the way so that the curve of the hook is in contact with the wood and the open side of the hook is facing up. Hang the outdoor sheer curtains of the rings in the cup hooks. An optional step to help your curtains hang straight is to insert a fishing weight at the bottom corners of the hems of the curtains.

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