Ideas Low Profile Lighting For Basement

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Cool Low Profile Lighting For Basement

Low profile lighting for basement – Rooms with short ceilings are often low profile lighting; However such lamps be welcome additions to areas with even the most beautiful of the ceilings, either alone or in combination with Taller fixtures. Ideally hold at least 7 meters clear between the bottom of the fixture and the floor below it, and always use a mix of different types of lighting in a room, especially when it comes to low-profile fixtures.

For example, a single recessed dome lamp in the middle of the room, no extra floor or table lamps, recessed lighting or other equipment, looks dated and create a dark, unattractive lighting system. The most common and cost effective types of low profile lighting for basement are fixtures featuring a small dome that covers the lamp. These paid a lot of light but still retain much play between the fixture and the floor below.

Buy and install low profile lighting for basement between 2 and 3 inches in height, either in plain glass or etched with a decorative design. When it comes to replacing light fixtures that hang too low, these devices do not require rewiring job or cutouts in the roof (which is the case for recessed lighting), making them easy payment options.

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