Ideas For Removing A Colonial Gold Granite Countertop

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Stylish Colonial Gold Granite

Colonial gold granite – Removing a granite countertop without breaking can be a challenge. Granite countertops are intended to last a lifetime and professional effort to install them as tight as possible. In some cases, granite adheres to the plywood strips, which are then screwed into the cabinets from below. A silicone adhesive can be used instead of screws or may be applied on corners for greater stability. Uninstalling a granite countertop require one or more assistants and should be done slowly and carefully to preserve the granite.

Remove the backsplash. The rear wall may or may not be attached to the counter. Sometimes it sticks to the wall, resting on the counter. Remove faucets and sinks, if necessary; use a sharp knife to cut through putty and silicone. Place several levers under the colonial gold granite countertop in the corners of closets. For this step, you will need several assistants. Granite does not flex or bend. Therefore, the same pressure must be applied around the perimeter so that the counter can handle at once.

Touch the pry bars with the hammer with one or two quick, light, taking care not to hit the colonial gold granite blows. As the counter begins to loosen, place additional levers in other corners or joints, where two cabinets are and repeat the tapping, working pry bar farther as you work. Cut through visible screws once the counter begins to lift cabinets, using a saber saw. Lift the top with the help of several assistants.

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