Kidney Shaped Desk With Feng Shui

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Kidney Shaped Desk – Every artwork creates masterpieces. Each piece is handmade by our highly skilled artisans and connoisseurs of the most diverse styles. The desk of Louis XV style in kidney-shape was made in France from the late nineteenth century. All furniture comes with bronzes retreated. But do not forget to place according to your Feng Shui.

The shape of your desk style can affect your mood and level of productivity of your work. Rounded curves flow favoring the flow of creativity. A kidney shaped desk comes with the natural curves of your body and give you a sub-consciousness of inner alignment. Place plants in your work area to stay connected with the natural world. As the green encourages creativity and new ideas, it will help keep them in office. In practice Feng Shui, plants help the positive flow of Chi in the corners, which otherwise are spaces where the energy stagnates. Green plants also act as a filtering system, reducing the amount of toxins and circulating stagnant air making.

If your office space decorated by Feng Shui is small and cramped, remove all unessential items to open the room and allow as much space you can to your desktop. A small office usually leaves little room for placement on the desktop. Place your kidney shaped desk as far from the door as possible. Desk near a door provides a poor self-image and creates distraction at work, causing distracted by the door and is worried about leaving.

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