L Shaped Reception Desk To Reception Area Decor

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White L Shaped Reception Desk

L Shaped Reception Desk – The reception area of an office is an important part of the business. Before anyone even get to meet the receptionist, first you walk by. If you are in charge of decorating, it is important to do so in a way that is pleasing to most people who go through the front door. A few small changes can help make this nondescript place in one attractive.

Put some plants on your L shaped reception desk. The greenery is a simple and inexpensive way to enliven any room. The best place to keep small plants is on a side table where they can be out of the way, so that people will not trip over them. If you want a flowering plant, you can put it in a corner. Use books as decoration. Almost any reception area of an office has magazines, but also might want to incorporate some interesting books for the coffee table. Travel considers some favorite places you’ve visited or would like to visit someday. You can give your customers something interesting to look at while they are waiting.

Choose chairs for the L shaped reception desk of your office that are easy to wash. If someone makes a mess to clean it is much more practical than having to throw it away. Should be enough to accommodate your customers at any time, but not many chairs there is an excess of them. For example, if you see three clients in one hour, have only five in the room.

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